Astrological consultations are ca. 1.5 hrs long and my fee is currently $120.  Fair trade of services is fine.

Your birth time is crucial for chart interpretation, specially with forecasting work. We need your most precise time of birth, date and location.  Readings can be done in Orange County, CA or via Skype; and can be in English, German, Spanish or French.


  • Birthchart Interpretation (blueprint)
  • Solar Return (outlook birthday to birthday, we need the location where you spend your birthday)
  • Secondary Progressions (forecasting)
  • Solar Arc Directions (forecasting)
  • Transits (current trends)
  • Astro-Geographic work (exploring locations of your choice)
  • Synastry and composite work (for clarity in romantic, family or work/business relationships; partnership analysis)
  • Horary (clarity with decision-making, finding answers for specific questions)
  • Electional (timing)

You are welcome to bring a question!


Prepare your beginner’s astrology toolbox – it’s very liberating to be in charge of yourself!  Learn to apply simple nature laws and profit of planetary cycles.  Contact me to create a course that fits your personal needs.

Astrology as a cosmic roadmap to finding our true purpose

A birth chart is like a photo shot of the planets, taken in the moment of your birth. It’s a blue print that stores the energy of the moment in your being. That does not mean that you are forced into a certain track for your entire life, but it causes certain tendencies, inclinations, possibilities, etc. The ‘photo-shopping’, or editing, is up to you. Luckily we have the precious gift of a free will, which is our most powerful tool. In my view, we choose to come to a lifetime to find and solve our task, get a chance to correct what we may have mishandled in a past lifetime, and gather the experience we need to move on and evolve.

For me, interpreting a birth chart is like taking a look at the native’s assets, and finding ways to transform possible weak spots, for a more harmonious flow through this lifetime.

Look at astrology as a language: instead of verbs, nouns, adjectives and so on, you have planets, houses, signs, and aspects.

  • The planetary energy is the WHAT in your birth chart that asks for attention – a situation, event, or issue for example, or a person.
  • The sky is divided into 12 houses. The houses are equivalent to the area in our live that is affected by a planet’s energy. (WHERE)
  • The placement of a planet by sign expresses how the energy expresses itself in a certain area of our lives. (HOW)

Cosmic Science

Astrology is basically a science that uses statistics based on ancient recordings of planetary effects on nature and on the human organism. Cosmic energy makes this Universe, and is at work constantly, for those who believe in it and those who don’t. Look at the Moon: it rules the tides as well as the waters within us humans, which makes 70-80% of our organism. You may have heard that a full Moon has the tendency to make people aggressive, or romantic, or creative, etc. So instead of struggling – why not make use of the forces that are available to each of us for free! Life is so much easier when we are aware of what’s ‘in the air’. Rather than forcing something unnaturally, we better choose to accept temporary conditions in a detached manner, and focus on what we are actually able to manage instead. Understanding cosmic energies helps us in understanding the ‘other fellow’ better, and gain peace of mind.  A partnership analysis can provide enormous insights.

Planetary movements and their influence on nature, including us humans, have been traced, studied and applied since millennia.  Ancient civilizations have been using forecasting techniques regularly. Each of the ten bodies in our solar system is associated with certain energies, qualities and elements. Universal laws are timeless. An astrology reading helps you come in alignment with these natural laws and puts the power in your hands. Using this for the highest good will be rewarding and fulfilling. Applying it for selfish or destructive reasons will only backfire.

We have the choice. Look at fire: you can cook your food or burn your skin with it. Or water: it quenches your thirst or drowns a child. Or positive and negative: you need both to produce electricity. Female-male: inward-outward. Yin needs Yang to flow. Nothing stands ever still. Nothing is really good, bad, superior or inferior itself, it’s just how we perceive things.

Partnership Analysis and Harmonization

I see astrology as a key to improving relationships of any kind, have more patience with difficult people and circumstances, and most importantly, find meaning in this lifetime.

I love to empower people and one of my favorite quotes is

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day – teach him how to fish and he will eat forever”.

I am enthusiastic about sharing with others what I have learned, because I think it helps to create harmony, compassion and consciousness in this world that I am part of. To me, Astrology is a perfect guide for children and youngsters to find orientation and purpose early on, and I encourage parents to align the plans they have for their children with what their children have really come for this lifetime.   A personality reading or partnership analysis can save a tremendous amount of time and many disappointments at all ends.

Explore yourself

Practical Application

The following tables are a beginner’s guide towards understanding the bare basics of astrology.  All energy is polar, and you will find both expressions of a sign or planet in the keywords.   It may be helpful to look at these tables before you book a reading with me (or with any other astrologer), so that you have more time for personal questions when you come prepared.

Get your free birthchart online (eg. and have fun exploring yourself!  Your Sun, Moon and Ascendant placements are a good way to start.

I Self, appearance, beginnings Mars Drive, action, courage Aries Bold, innocent, courageous, competitive
II Personal resources, talent Venus Establishment, beauty, values, attracting what we love Taurus Methodical, slow, possessive (people, things), artistic, pleasure-seeking
III Intellect, communication, close environment Mercury Communication, logic, logistics Gemini Verbal, mental, inquisitive, fast, scattered
IV Home, tradition/origins, safety Moon Emotions, nutrition, going through phases Cancer Caring/concerned, sensitive, moody
V Personal creations, romance, risk Sun Fun, loyalty, generosity Leo Generous, warmhearted, dramatic, self-centered
VI Service, habits regarding employment and health Mercury Discrimination, service Virgo Practical, detail-oriented, humble, can be timid
VII Committed relationships Venus Attracting who we love, harmony Libra Diplomatic, artistic, indecisive, social
VIII Sex, death-rebirth, wealth, power Mars & Pluto Desire, regeneration, control Scorpio Deep, intense, possessive (controlling)
IX The far & foreign, higher/broader understanding (education, philosophy) Jupiter Justice, search for wisdom, expansion/exaggeration, optimism Saggitarius Optimistic, expansive, generous, jovial, sporty, exaggerating, can be “preachy”
X Achievements, career, mastery Saturn Discipline, structure, quality, limitation, maturation Capricorn Serious, hard-working, perfecting, professional, can be depressive
XI Friends, associations, co-creations Saturn & Uranus Freedom, rebellion, change, chaos, intuition, future/vision, science/hitec Aquarius Innovative, scientific, detached, friendly, chaotic, rebellious
XII Service on the highest level, where we have to surrender (prison, hospitals), the hidden Jupiter Spirituality, wide scope of perception, compassion, deception (self & others), escapism, addiction, delusion Pisces Spiritual, artistic, compassionate, borderless, deceptive, foggy

Other important factors that are used in chart interpretation


  • Fire: Action
  • Earth: Grounding
  • Air: Communication
  • Water: Emotions


  • Cardinal: Create, initiate
  • Fixed: Maintain
  • Mutable: Destroy (to create space for new creations), adapt

Major Aspects (how the planets interact)

  • Conjunction: Joint forces (0 degrees apart)
  • Sextile: Supportive opportunities (60 degrees apart)
  • Square: Stress, self-created challenges (90 degrees apart)
  • Trine: Ease, flow, support (120 degrees apart)
  • Opposition: Challenging circumstances, need for balance (180 degrees apart)

Angular Houses (sensitive personal spots)

House 1 and 7: Ascendant – Descendant axis (you vs the other; your outward thrust and what type of people you are likely to attract)

House 4 and 10: Imum Coeli – Midheaven axis (hearth vs public stage; your safe home, roots, soul and past – and your career and future at the other end of the axis)


Personal Houses Impersonal Houses