Another Roadmap to Explore: Our Meridian System

Phototherapy patches are a drug-free alternative for restoring and maintaining our natural health.  Applied on specific points of the body, they emit subtle frequencies that release blockages in our meridian system – just like acupuncture, but without the needles.

Meridians are energy pathways in the body – in humans and animals alike. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses pressure, tapping, moxibustion and punctuation on specific “acu” or entrance points of these pathways to release blockages so that chi can flow freely again. This ancient wisdom is said to go back some 2500 years. It’s a form of communication with our organs, glands and emotions. Chi, Ki or Prana are no uncommon words in our vocabulary these days and it is refreshing to see that more and more people look to acupuncture, acupressure (shiatsu), nutrition, herbalism, holistic and functional medicine, as well as brain hacking to enhance their health and well-being.

This link will direct you to where you can purchase their patches that are a combination of photo-therapy and acupuncture.  Since this is a partner-program, registration is necessary.  However, there is no obligation and you can opt out any time.

Find a price overview here.

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Patch Properties/Benefits
Energy Enhancer

  • Boosts energy in general
  • Ideal for athletes
  • In combination with Carnosine helps control effects of Alzheimer, accelerates wound healing and helps with cellulitis and muscular pain (Carnosine lowers lactic acid in the muscle tissue)
  • In combination with Glutathione helps control effects of Parkinson
  • In combination with SP6 helps control appetite and weight
Ice Wave

  • For whole-body or local pain relief
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps with fibromyalgia, rheum, headaches, migraine or sciatic nerve pain
Silent Nights

  • Produces melatonin in the brain and helps with insomnia
  • Helps with snoring and sleep apnea
  • Reduces stress
  • Approved as a class 1 medical device in the USA and Europe

  • Helps control appetite and supports weight loss
  • Balances hormones
Y-Age Series


  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Strengthens the immune system


  • Detoxifies the cells
  • Harmonizes organ functions
  • Blocks toxic radiation from cell phones


  • Releases stress
  • Slows aging process
  • Acts anti-inflammatory
  • Regulates heart rhythm
  • Balances the alkaline-acid level in the body

Stimulates stem cell renewal through raising the body’s GHK-cu peptide level

Pricing Overview

There are other starter options available if you are health or wellness therapist for example, and want to make the patches available to your clients.  Find more information here, or feel free and contact me.

Quantity Price
1 pack with 30 patches (consumer) $89.95
Single patch (consumer) $3
1 pack, 30 patches (with registration) $69.95
2 packs, 60 patches (with registration) $59.95
3 packs, 90 patches (with registration) $49.95
One time registration (min. info kit) $25

Practial Application

The application is super easy. There is no danger of possible intoxication or overdose – but you can miss out on the effects if you are not following the instructions.

Here some guidelines for best results:

  • Apply the patch (or pair of patches) on dry and clean skin only
  • If polar patches: white goes right, brown goes left (Ice Wave, Energy Enhancer)
  • If only positive patch: place right or center of body (Y-Age, Silent Night)
  • If only negative patch: place left or center of body (SP6)
  • IceWave and X39 patches can be applied anywhere on the body
  • Drink plenty of water to maintain a good level of electrolytes so that the water acts as a conduct
  • Maintain a good mineral level (a grain of coarse sea salt under your tongue can help)
  • Keep patches in place for 12 – 24 hours. Exception is the Ice Wave patch. It’s the patch that helps with inflammation and pain relief, and it is often necessary to test a few placements until you find the spot that brings the best result (clock method). It’s useful to experiment with placements using scotch tape first, and only take the protective film off the back of the patch once you have found your spots.
  • Using Silent Night, dim your lights 1-2 hours before bedtime. Avoid watching TV or working on your devices just before going to bed. Avoid stimulants before bedtime.


I provide free guidance and patching protocols.  I will show you how and where to apply the phototherapy patches for best results, in order to re-activate your body’s own powerful self-healing mechanism.

By the way – another useful tool for addressing health problems is Medical Astrology.  Have a look at this simplified table on my Astrology page to gain some insights.  The ancients have already known of the planetary influence on the organism.  We can look at your birthchart to gain clarity and determine solutions.  To do this, please email me with your date, time and location of birth.  Astrological consultations are $120 (ca. 1.5 hours).

Taking Responsibility of your Wellbeing

It may trigger some people when I say that all dis-ease starts in the mind. I believe that we do have free will to some degree and that we can make choices that either support or undermine our wellbeing. I look at the human body as a precision instrument that carries us through life. It’s the cutting edge where our mentally produced imbalances show up to get our attention so that we can correct them.

Guilt, shame, insecurity, doubt, addiction, envy, fear, control – all that jazz. I think that we come here with an agenda, and health issues are major “soul tasks” for many people to master.  In severe cases, when we have cultivated imbalances over a very long period, conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals may be crucial to support life – but does it really have to get to this stage?

lightning bolts

How do LifeWave Patches Work?

In a nutshell, the patches can be thought of as nanotechnology combined with acupuncture. Or phototherapy, because they transmit light frequencies. (Lookup Prof Fritz Albert Popp, German researcher in biophysics).

Nanoscience is the study and application of particles on a micro scale. The sealed bubble on top of the patches contains a combination of amino acids, polysaccharides (sugar) and oxygen – components that we carry in our body naturally. Placing a patch on the skin, it will activate the organic combination in the patch through the body’s temperature. Heat causes infrared frequencies. Think of an induction cooking plate or heatmap imaging.

If placed on one of the acu points along the energy lines (meridians), the organic substance in the patch will naturally exchange frequencies with the body and re-train damaged cells to behave in their original, healthy way.  Nothing penetrates the skin.  A communication takes place and the energy flow is stimulated. This may have to be repeated over a period, depending on how long we have maintained an imbalance.

Our Earth is constantly emitting very low frequencies and if you research online, you will find that this is considered her heart beat (Schumann Resonance), and that her electromagnetic resonance is stimulated through lightning discharge. Interestingly, in some Native American mythology Thunder(beings) are regarded as Father Sky and Mother Earth making love – I find this fascinating! Another way of becoming aware of Earth’s frequencies is Geopathy, where you have a lawn for example, that despite fertilizing and re-seeding never grows healthy in one particular spot, or a hedge that has one section that tends to always be barren.

To summarize, the effect of applying a patch on a meridian line can be compared to acupuncture, in that specific placements will stimulate specific organs, thus systematically communicating and re-training cells.

Find information about science and research here.

How I came across this natural healing method

In 2012 I moved into the subtropical rainforest to build my home. One of the first things was drilling a well. It was deeper than average and I felt comfortable drinking the water directly from it on a few occasions, together with my workers. It felt soft and tasted delicious. Later on I used an active carbon filter. After about 1.5 years I noticed that I lost a lot of weight and one day I passed out. When I woke up next to my toilet, I noticed crusted blood on my forehead so I must have been out for a while. This raised a red flag for me since I was living by myself with no cell phone reception in the jungle. Up to this breakdown I was strong, did carpentry work, ran and swam.

Shortly after, my dad came to stay with me for a while. He insisted that I went to see a doctor and it turned out that I had cultivated various cysts of amoebas species and severe anemia. My weight was about 45 kg then (ca. 99 lbs, and I’m not short!), but I was still eating like a construction worker. These parasites had taken all the nutrients from my food, leaving me depleted. Overlapping with my dad, my dear friend Alexandra came to visit for our Reiki Retreat.  Alex is a pediatric nurse and Reiki Master who had been traveling many other avenues of the healing arts. She brought colloidal silver and introduced me to LifeWave patches, which she had been working with for a while. We experimented with muscle testing and Energy patches on the top of my feet.  When we switched the negative and positive patches and retestet, I was surprised about how strongly I could feel the difference. I accompanied my antibiotics, mineral and vitamin treatments mainly with the antioxidant-series Y Age (Glutathione for detoxification, Carnosine for rebuilding cells, and Aeon for cell stress relief), as well as Energy. My recovery was slower than with aggressive pharmaceuticals – but natural, and this was more important for the Northgerman Druid that I am.  That’s also true for my household cleaners, by the way. I have been using mainly vinegar and baking powder for probably 15-20 years, occasionally with a few drops of essential citrus oils; as well as biodegradable dish and laundry detergent.

I was so fond of the LifeWave patches and the fact that no substances penetrate my body, that I became an independent distributor in January 2014, a few months after my friend Alex had introduced them to me. I had also great results using the SP6 patch to make a mellow transition through menopause, and with using the Silent Night sleeping patch. In Mexico, interestingly,  a lot of my clients were indigenous women. Others were gyms, spas, small healing centers and senior centers.